Monday, January 24, 2022

What Do Liberals Consider Justice?

 The night George Floyd was killed the liberals (by the thousands) took to the streets demanding justice, and then went on that night to riot and destroy that section of Minneapolis. Those riots and fires went on for days. The Mayor of Minneapolis met with a large number of these protesters where the protesters demanded the defunding of the Minneapolis police. The mayor said that would not happen because it would be unsafe for Minneapolis. The Minneapolis City Counsil overrode the mayor and did defund the Minneapolis police. The Minneapolis police lost about 600 police officers. Then the crime rate shot up in Minneapolis and the City Council is desperately trying to fill those 600 vacancies on the Minneapolis police force. 

Defunding the police became a liberal cry throughout many cities in the country. It's one of the dumbest ideas to come along in politics in over 100 years. Is defunding the police what liberals consider justice?

It seems liberals won't wait for the justice system do its job. It seems the liberals don't want the justice system we have had in this country for centuries. So what justice system do liberals want? They would rather riot than allow the system to do its work.

 If the liberals had waited for the system to do its work, they would have seen the cop who killed George Floyd go to jail and even now federal charges are ongoing to prosecute the other officers on site during that killing. That's justice in a country based on laws, not mob violence. 

The officer who claimed she mistakenly shot someone with her gun not her taser was convicted of murder and is now in jail, but her actions caused a riot with demands for justice, before the system of justice could do its work. Again, justice was met. What would liberals do differently?

What would mental health officers on the streets mean for a different outcome on these cases?

What kind of justice system would liberals replace with the justice system we already have?

Justice does not happen instantly, and it does not happen in the streets during a riot. 

What the liberals seem to want is to destroy the justice we have spent centuries building and need to continue to build better. 

If they are complaining about the short comes of our justice system, I agree, but a riot is not the way to address those short falls. Seems the liberals need a lesson in civics on how to correctly address their concerns.

This is an election year, and I would rather vote for Democrats than Republicans. So now is the time for Democrats to clarify just what kind of justice system they want.  I am not going along with or voting for mob rule.       


  1. Very well said. I agree completely with one exception. I think "liberals" still respect the rule of law and the justice system. I think "leftists" are the ones that want to riot before justice has even had a chance to render a verdict on those deserving punishment.

  2. The Democrats are all over the scope of what justice should be in America. Maybe they should unite and clarify their position and policy before the next election (10 months).