Sunday, January 23, 2022



  1. With all due respect, what voter rights are being forfeited by the GOP (and some Democrats) refusing to vote for the latest "voter rights" bill? Georgia's state election law that had the left all up in arms allows more access to U.S. citizens of the state to vote than does Biden's home state of Delaware. Voter ID and refusing to nationalize elections, as per the constitution are good things.

  2. There is no voter ID requirement in the Constitution.
    I find it interesting that you support the Constitution when it's an issue you agree with the Constitution on, but you won't support the Constitution when it's an issue you disagree with the Constitution on.

  3. You are right that there is no voter ID requirement in the constitution; however, it does say that states can set up the rules for the own elections. Further the implication has always been that American citizens are the only ones that should be allowed to vote in American elections. Voter I.D. ensures and protects that right for all Americans.

  4. That of course has been the call for federal voter legislation; that States have been violating voters rights. That was the specific call for certain States to get federal OK before they changed their voting rules in the 1964 voting rights act.
    As I have said before, I have no problem with voters having to show ID and I go further, I have no problem with voters having to give a Social Security number to vote which should further keep non-citizens from voting. This of course bumps me out of liberal ideology on voting right procedures.
    I also believe that federal election (Congress, Senate, and President) laws should be set by federal government and those election laws be the same nationwide. States can set election laws for all other elections.
    I believe in a holiday for Federal elections, or multiple day voting.
    I believe in same day registration as long as voters present the proper ID.
    I believe in expanding voting sites.
    Political parties should not be involved in counting the votes.
    Political parties should not be allowed to set voting districts (gerrymandering).