Monday, October 4, 2021

Legality of Abortion Before Roe/Wade by State

Abortion laws in the United States prior to Roe vs. Wade
   Legal in cases of rape.
   Legal in cases of danger to woman's health.
   Legal in cases of danger to woman's health, rape or incest, or likely damaged fetus.

   Legal upon request

If Roe/Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, abortions would become illegal in every State. The States would have to pass abortion, or anti-abortion laws individually, as it was before Roe/Wade.

The Federal government could make abortions illegal in every State in the Union, if both Houses passed such bills and the Supreme Court voted approval of those bills in an at least 5-4 majority.

It's very plausible the Supreme Court could overturn Roe/Wade. I doubt both Houses of Congress would pass bills to make  abortion illegal throughout the country. They would not have the votes for that. Another scenario would be if the Supreme Court had the correct worded case to decide the Supreme Court could outlaw States from allowing abortions, then the Congress would have to pass a law allowing States to have abortions if they wanted.

But, be careful what you wish for. Roe/Wade was decided based on a right to privacy. Those against Roe/Wade claim there is no right to privacy in the Constitution that allowed Roe/Wade to become law. If Roe/Wade is to be overturned the Court will have to say there is and never was a right to privacy. That could eliminate privacy rights most Americans think they have. A right to privately worship as one deems necessary. A right to own a gun, and many other assumed rights based on the privacy of being an American. 

For 200 years legal scholars never read the Second Amendment as giving individuals the right to own a gun. It was just a given in the tradition and practice of Americans. Then 200 years later the Court decided that American individuals did have a right to own guns. A simple reinterpretation by a different Court. 

Roe/Wade has been the law of the land for over 40 years. Chief Justice Roberts called that a legal precedent, that he would not seek to overturn. But the Court is now a majority conservative Court with religious law as its main belief system. It seems we are headed to overturn Roe/Wade no matter how many millions of citizens suffer. People should remind themselves of that suffering, because it was a great persuader of passing Roe/Wade. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Say It Ain't So Joe

 All politicians lie.

So it's no surprise, or news when bloggers describe the lies politicians tell. It's no earth shattering revelation to prove a politician lied. It's no super "gotcha" point, or higher intellectual point to explain a politician's lie. The Republicans don't have an exclusive on political lies. 

A little common sense can help one see through the lies. 

We have 100 years of experience and proof that vaccines eliminate diseases with very little side effects. 

Immigration (legal or otherwise) is not destroying America. Just look at the time just before and after the turn of the 20th century when millions came to America. That added population actually made America stronger. 

Climate change is destroying lives and property right now before our eyes and soon it will change the shape of our continent. 

We need to start paying for our spending. A 23 trillion dollar debt is proof of that. Biden wants to raise taxes to pay for his spending, but his tax hikes won't cover his spending, so the debt continues to mount. 

Legislators can get nothing done for the American people because they are to busy attacking and calling each other names. I guess they think it's more important to call someone a "Hitler" than pass meaningful law. 

So what do we have? We have a government that is slow, corrupt, and gets little done for the American people and even worse we have a huge minority of our citizens who don't think our government should do anything at all. 

So pat yourselves on the back while your hate and fighting destroy America and win a place in history for destroying the best system the Earth has ever seen. We knew it could not last forever, but to destroy it ourselves without fighting to preserve it, is insane.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

9/11 - Bush Was Responsible For The Murders

 If president Biden was responsible for the 13 dead by a terrorist bomb, then Bush was responsible for the 3,000 murdered by a terrorist bombing of the Twin Towers; not to mention the thousands dead by the wars Bush started in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush failed to safeguard, or protect the American people as is his Constitutional duty.  Bush lied about Iraq having atomic weapons and used that lie to invade Iraq.

Bush was never asked to resign because terrorists bombed the Twin Towers, yet, the right wants Biden to resign because terrorists set off a bomb in Afghanistan and the right claims Biden is responsible for those deaths. Equal treatment of a president is fair. Bush is responsible for thousands of murders committed by terrorists on American troops. 

Bush should have been impeached, but instead he was held up as some kind of hero by the militant, blood thirsty conservatives. Who now claim Biden is responsible for deaths committed by terrorists. 

You conservatives cannot have it both ways. Bush is one of the biggest murders to ever be president in the modern era.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Bing Crosby Sings Galway Bay


                                           Filmed and recorded in Ireland in 1966.