Friday, September 24, 2021

Say It Ain't So Joe

 All politicians lie.

So it's no surprise, or news when bloggers describe the lies politicians tell. It's no earth shattering revelation to prove a politician lied. It's no super "gotcha" point, or higher intellectual point to explain a politician's lie. The Republicans don't have an exclusive on political lies. 

A little common sense can help one see through the lies. 

We have 100 years of experience and proof that vaccines eliminate diseases with very little side effects. 

Immigration (legal or otherwise) is not destroying America. Just look at the time just before and after the turn of the 20th century when millions came to America. That added population actually made America stronger. 

Climate change is destroying lives and property right now before our eyes and soon it will change the shape of our continent. 

We need to start paying for our spending. A 23 trillion dollar debt is proof of that. Biden wants to raise taxes to pay for his spending, but his tax hikes won't cover his spending, so the debt continues to mount. 

Legislators can get nothing done for the American people because they are to busy attacking and calling each other names. I guess they think it's more important to call someone a "Hitler" than pass meaningful law. 

So what do we have? We have a government that is slow, corrupt, and gets little done for the American people and even worse we have a huge minority of our citizens who don't think our government should do anything at all. 

So pat yourselves on the back while your hate and fighting destroy America and win a place in history for destroying the best system the Earth has ever seen. We knew it could not last forever, but to destroy it ourselves without fighting to preserve it, is insane.

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