Wednesday, September 8, 2021

9/11 - Bush Was Responsible For The Murders

 If president Biden was responsible for the 13 dead by a terrorist bomb, then Bush was responsible for the 3,000 murdered by a terrorist bombing of the Twin Towers; not to mention the thousands dead by the wars Bush started in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush failed to safeguard, or protect the American people as is his Constitutional duty.  Bush lied about Iraq having atomic weapons and used that lie to invade Iraq.

Bush was never asked to resign because terrorists bombed the Twin Towers, yet, the right wants Biden to resign because terrorists set off a bomb in Afghanistan and the right claims Biden is responsible for those deaths. Equal treatment of a president is fair. Bush is responsible for thousands of murders committed by terrorists on American troops. 

Bush should have been impeached, but instead he was held up as some kind of hero by the militant, blood thirsty conservatives. Who now claim Biden is responsible for deaths committed by terrorists. 

You conservatives cannot have it both ways. Bush is one of the biggest murders to ever be president in the modern era.

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