Monday, October 22, 2018

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Mother Nature On The Great Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes.

When the winds blow the lake churns up into a dangerous body of water. The winds blow hard in October and November. Of course that time of year, the water freezes as it hits shore.

Lake Superior is famous for its shipwrecks because of its violent storms, winds, and waves. Gordon Lightfoot sang about the famous wreck and sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald when all aboard were killed. I posted a video of his famous song below the storm wave video.

I have lived close to the lake most of my life and have many times seen the violence of the lake with my own eyes.It's just stunning.

Here is a short video of massive waves hitting the North Shore of Lake Superior. As you can see the water freezes and the whole shore turns to ice.

The winds were over 50 miles an hour and some of the waves were over 20 feet.

Click on full screen to get the full effect.

Keep in mind the cliffs you see are over 50 feet tall.

                           The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald Sung by Gordon Lightfoot

Hoarfrost Time

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

It Ain't So Funny

Trump is Bringing The Worst Out Of People All Over The World

It's not just haters like Rep. King who feel the freedom to voice their true bigoted thoughts and feelings publicly, but it's the despots of the world that feel free to mistreat and kill people that Trump's leadership of hate has unleashed on the world.

And to think it was my fellow Americans who gave leadership and relevancy to this American Stalin. I did not vote for the SOB and any person who did (millions enough to give him the White House) is an idiot who must hate America.

Putin feels he can do whatever he wants, because he has a friend in Trump. They are buddies. So Putin tries to slant American elections, kills reporters anywhere in the world, and rules his murderous power over the Middle East. And Putin now brags that America is losing power in the world.

The Saudis, who we have always known are a barbaric society and supporter of terrorism all over the world. Has always had a friend in the president of the United States now has a true buddy in the White House, so they can commit their murders in the open in front of the whole world and claim it was just a physical altercation gone bad and Trump tells America he believes the Saudis explanation. Is it just coincidence that the person murdered is another reporter? Or is it because Trump has been encouraging violence against reporters for years?

White supremacist groups in America have been committing violence and beatings for the world to see and proudly pronounce their dastardly deeds to the public while laughing, they know they have a friend in the White House because he publicly defends their actions. 

China is building their military, in fact, they have built man made islands in the China Sea and made them military installations. For what purpose? To claim the China Sea is their territory? They even attacked an American military ship and got away with it. Trump attaches tariffs on China and China attaches tariffs on America. That showed China - Not.

Trump verbally attacks our allies like Canada, England, France and tries to make them our enemies by blaming them for our problems. The word traitor truly fits Trump.

Republicans appoint lifetime judges that will decide in their favor the racist voting rules and gerrymander voting districts they set up, with no debate (push back) from Democrats. The next step for these conservative judges is to overturn the freedoms of millions of Americans and protect president Trump from his criminal actions.

When our leaders make unconstitutional and illegal decisions, we can only count on the courts to stop them. Now our courts are with them. Our new Supreme Court judge has stated that a president cannot be indited while in office. The Governor of a State makes a half a million votes disappear. Lets see how the courts decide that, or the many other voting violations to come before our courts in the next few weeks.

The Republicans (McConnell) now say publicly that their next agenda is to eliminate Social Security and Medicare for tens of millions of Americans. If running up our national debt on purpose to use as an excuse to cut those programs over the decades was not enough.

Before we lose power in the world, we must lose respect around the world, which we have now done by electing Trump and the Republicans the leaders of our government. It didn't take long at all for others to take that leadership position. I thought we had learned our lessons of isolationism and appeasement in the 20th century, but apparently not.

Like addicts we will have to hit the gutter before we change ourselves, and Americans do not think we have hit the gutter, yet.

Are we / should we be the policeman of the world for freedom and democracy? When the other powers of the world prove (and I think they have) they will eliminate freedom and democracy in the world under their rule, then yes, and we must be because we are the only country that can. 

The Monroe Doctrine was enlarged after WW II and we have to live up to that responsibility. We have a responsibility to fight for freedom; not only because we won that freedom for the world in the 1940's, but because our founders started a new nation based on the principles of freedom and wrote them down on paper over 200 years ago as a contract to our people and notice to the rest of the world. 

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Lindsey Buckingham

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tommy Edwards

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Barack Obama Brutally Shuts Down People’s Lame Excuses For Not Voting

By Lee Moran

Barack Obama is done with people’s lame excuses for not voting in the upcoming midterm elections this November.
So, in a new “Get Out The Vote” video from media company ATTN, the former president amusingly picks apart seven common reasons people give for not bothering to exercise their democratic right to cast a ballot.
“You can’t use Google to figure out which candidates on your local ballot think that the earth is flat and climate change is a hoax?” Obama asks at one point, as he tackles some people’s claims that they’re not informed enough to make a decision.
And for those folks who don’t bother voting in the midterms because they are “boring,” Obama delivers this takedown: “You know what’s boring? Scrolling through endless photos of your dinner on Instagram.”